I have had really fun themes and projects over the years including Alice in Wonderland, 1920’s glamour, rainbows, pine cones, alongside the more classical, rustic, and natural designs. My training, competition work and experience make it possible for me to create the perfect designs for you.
Over the years of working with many couples, I have found they usually would fit into three types of customers.
  • Those who wanted to know every detail of their designs down to the last petal. This helped them as they felt totally in control and knew exactly what they were going to see on their big day.
  • Those only really wanting to know what colours and the feel of the design; they wanted the outcome to be a surprise on the day.
  • The remaining couples were a mixture of the other types of customers.
Whatever group you fall into, you can be assured that the flowers will beautiful and will fit your style perfectly.